Tying the Nat Knot.

After a social media hiatus Montrose are back online! And we could not think of a better way to return to the blog than with Nat and Nat’s wedding. This celebration was all smiles, all laughs, and some of the best poses for photos we’ve ever seen. (‘Blue Steel’ experts). The Nats’ bubbly energy and love for one another made the whole congregation smile ear to ear. You can’t even look through the photos without a cheeky grin creeping up on you. Thank you Scott Surplice for allowing us to blog these photos. Particular mention must go to the shots of Nathaniel and Natalie standing under the stars but we are so grateful that all of Scott’s photos let us relive the fun, the love, the laughs.


Scott Surplice Photography

Scott Surplice Photography

641_Nat-Nat_s1200 627_Nat-Nat_s1200 611_Nat-Nat_s1200 546_Nat-Nat_s1200 524_Nat-Nat_s1200 517_Nat-Nat_s1200

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