It’s all love, fun and games at Pia and Kenan’s Wedding.

Martin Luther once said that  “A green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver” and for Pia and Kenan, their marriage was celebrated in the precious, unsurpassable beauty of the trees. They needed no golden decorations or silver trimmings to express their love, they did it outdoors in the beauty of nature and it was simply stunning. Neil Fenelon perfectly captured the Midsummer wedding, expressing the beauty of this new couples’ vows within this crisp, green, freshness of the Montrose grounds. To see more of Pia and Kenan’s perfect day pop into Neil’s blog.

Pia and Kennan 1 Pia and Kennan 2 Pia and Kennan 3 Pia and Kennan 6Pia and Kennan 4 Pia and Kennan 5  Pia and Kennan 7

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