Wedding under the Willows

Claire and James have tied the knot in a breathtaking ceremony under the towering trees of Montrose. The willows were dripping with elegent white lanterns and the champagne and love were flowing. Congratulations to the beautiful newly weds and thank you to David Duong at Origami Photography for his magical photography.

we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-207 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-229 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-251 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-348 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-352we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-205we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-572we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-350 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-349 we_are_origami_claire_james_lr-351

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