Melissa and Blake’s Day

Autumn weddings are bliss and Melissa and Blake’s was no exception. Choosing location shots in and around the grounds with a beautiful Barn reception filled with lights and love. Thank-you to Michelle Fiona for these beautiful images.


montrose-berry-farm-2 montrose-berry-farm-3 montrose-berry-farm-11 montrose-berry-farm-13 montrose-berry-farm-16 montrose-berry-farm-22 montrose-berry-farm-24 montrose-berry-farm-26



montrose-berry-farm-28 montrose-berry-farm-29 montrose-berry-farm-45 montrose-berry-farm-50 montrose-berry-farm-54 montrose-berry-farm-58 montrose-berry-farm-65 montrose-berry-farm-66 montrose-berry-farm-67 montrose-berry-farm-68 montrose-berry-farm-72 montrose-berry-farm-74 montrose-berry-farm-79 montrose-berry-farm-81 montrose-berry-farm-85 montrose-berry-farm-86


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