Winter Wedding Bliss – Bec & Dean

This is where the story begins…

Well this was actually a Summer wedding not a winter wedding, but as the title suggest, You would not have know it. The ceremony was rained out. Of course it didn’t matter, in this case I actually think the wet weather option was as good if not better than the first choice for dry weather.

The Southern Highlands can be a place with an air of romance, mystery and intrigue. You’ll find mist in the cool air with low lying clouds – soft kind light bouncing around. The grounds in Summertime are draped in berries with trees older than the beautiful buildings themselves.  A truly beautiful place that made for one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of.

Thankyou to CloudFace  for these beautiful images and our warm congratulations again – Dean Dampney and smiling friend of CloudFace and wonderful Photographer,   Katelyn Slyer











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