All About Autumn.

As the light fades earlier and the chill returns to the air, the leaves start to fall slowly from their branches.

Not before giving us one last spectacular show of colour. Autumn brings change and this is where Montrose truly transforms into a magnificently coloured wonderland.

The Days filled with sunshine without the bearing heat Australian summers are oh so known for. The perfect climate allowing your outdoor ceremony to take place under the canopy of golds and oranges of the turning leaves.

As the days grow cold and the sun fades away. The Barn offers warmth by the cosy log fire for an intimate reception, celebrating with your closest friends and family.

There is something always so romantic about such a setting, combined with the vibrant colours of the wilting leaves, it makes for a very vintage romantic inspired affair.

Picking your season for your special day is almost as important as picking your theme. Our beautiful couple Andy & Cilla chose their very special day in Autumn and it could not have been more beautiful.

If you too are interested in a Autumn wedding please do not hesitate to contact us at














Thankyou to the amazing Ben Marden for these images


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